Friday, April 2, 2010

6 Questions With...JOSHUA OSBORNE

Here's Joshua Osborne, his story is called The Struggle, with art by Branco Jovanovic.

Tiny Electric:Is this your first published work?

Joshua Osborne:A few years back I got a couple poems published. I was trying to win a poetry competition, and though I didn't win, the poems were published. They were even put onto a CD read by a 'Professional Reader'. Not exactly sure how you get into that profession, but to each his own. This will be my first published comic of any kind.

TE:What's the sentence pitch for your story?

JO:Well the story that I actually did wasn't the first idea that I had. My original idea was based on Chris (My Protagonist) training a sidekick, but it was decided that their wasn't enough action going on, so it was changed to The Struggle. However, because of the sudden change in story, I never did a sentence pitch. Alright, so when does this interview start?

TE:Was your story an idea you already had, or did you come up with it in class?

JO:I came up with the idea in class as I was fleshing out Chris's character biography. It wasn't my initial focus, but I changed it to my main story idea a couple weeks into class.

TE:Do you hope to expand it into something longer?

JO:Yes, The Struggle is only the beginning. Chris's story will continue in a future Anthology, hopefully a sequel to my classmates and my 'Tales from the Comics Experience' Anthology. He's destined to be the greatest super hero the world has ever known. But that's something that's a little hard to believe based on his demeanor in The Struggle. He's unstable and depressed and doesn't think he deserves to be loved. He'll get closer and closer to reaching his ultimate destiny in each story that is told in future Anthologies.

But The Sidekick, which is in development right now, will take us forward several years to see the great super hero that Chris has become. It's the story of Chris's tragic tale to train a sidekick to replace him for a future that he won't be a part of. The story will center around Tyler, Chris's sidekick, and Joey, a random thug, as well as those closest to them. You'll see that the line diving good and evil is a very gray line and that sometimes good people do bad things for good reasons. Expect 'The Sidekick' by the end of the year or early next year.

TE:Talk about your artist and the look of your story.

JO:Branko Jovanovic was the artist for 'The Struggle'. He's got amazing talent and his style is very reminiscent of Mike Deodado. I'm a firm believer that every story should have a certain look to it, and I went into my artist search wanting an artist with a very dark style, as my story is dark and depressing. I found Branko and new immediately that he was the artist I wanted to work with on this project. I hope to work with him again on my future Anthology stories.

TE:What comics have you been reading lately?

JO:Sadly, my comic book reading has been limited ever since I bought my house. I've only been able to afford mainstream books for the most part. Astonishing X-Men, Siege, Batman & Robin, and Uncanny X-Men are some of the few books that I have been able to pick up and read though.

Check out Joshua's work, including updates on The Sidekick on Twitter.

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