Wednesday, March 31, 2010

6 Questions With...GEORGE O'CONNOR

Here's George O'Connor, his story is called Mr. Awesome Saves The World...Maybe, with art by S. Griffin.

Tiny Electric:Is this your first published work?

George O'Connor:It's my first published work but it's also coming out at the same time as my first full comic, HEALED.

TE:What's the sentence pitch for your story?

GO:MR. AWESOME SAVES THE WORLD... maybe: A reluctant and disenchanted super hero, Mr. Awesome, is forced to put the tights back on to save his secret love.

TE:Was your story an idea you already had, or did you come up with it in class?

GO:After the first class, I realized all the ideas I brought to the table didn't fit how the class was going to be taught. That night, I literally shot up from a dead sleep at 2am with the Mr. Awesome story formed.

TE:Do you hope to expand it into something longer?

GO:I do. I could see this story being a 3 to 4 book story and a lot of fun to write.

TE:Talk about your artist and the look of your story.

GO:I've known Griffin for years and when I started thinking about writing comics, he was gung-ho to jump on board. He's a great artist to work with because I can explain a scene and he'll find ways to fill it out and add his own slant. He thinks up things that never crossed my mind and that's the kind of collaboration I love.

TE:What comics have you been reading lately?

GO:The Walking Dead, Scalped (I bought the trades and just tore through them), Invincible Iron Man, Secret Six, Chew, Irredeemable, Incorruptible, New Avengers, The Last Days of America Crime, Daredevil, Uncanny X-Men, Invincible

You can check out George's new comic at
and follow him on twitter at HomlessComics or LazyHorde

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