Wednesday, March 31, 2010

6 Questions With...DAN RIVERA

Next up is Dan Rivera, his story is called Gabriel's Regret, with art by Antonio Bifulco

Tiny Electric:Is this your first published work?

Dan Rivera:Yes it is. In fact, this is the first story that I have finished since college.

TE:What's the sentence pitch for your story?

DR:In post apocalyptic America, a monk named Gabriel is reminded of the senseless horror of this new age.

TE:Was your story an idea you already had, or did you come up with it in class?

DR:This came to me in class. I originally wanted to do something with an espionage slant, but it didn't work. That is the beauty of the class. Andy is so honest about what works and what doesn't. I've always been fascinated by "post-apocalyptic" fiction because it is driven by a fear that most of us have and we are powerless to fight against.

TE:Do you hope to expand it into something longer?

DR:I was thinking about it, but then I started reading Wasteland by Antony Johnston and Christopher Mitten and it blew me away. They have taken post apocalyptic fiction to another level. I may revisit Gabriel and his world in the future because there are a wealth of stories that can be told, but that will have to wait. I carry a Cirque du Soleil notebook with me everywhere so I can write down an idea the minute it enters my head. There are quite a few notes about Gabriel's future adventures, so who knows...

TE:Talk about your artist and the look of your story.

DR:Antonio Bifulco is an Italian artist that I saw on deviantART. I was drawn by the more kinetic pieces on his page because I needed someone who could handle the action sequence in my script. He did a great job and if I decide to revisit this world, I'd like to use him again. I think in retrospect I should have used more widescreen shots to demonstrate Gabriel's solitude, but we only had 5 pages. Antonio was a pleasure to work with and is a fantastic collaborator. He was also able to turn the pages around in a relatively short amount of time. I have to credit Rob (Panda Dog) Anderson for finding him for me in time to make the deadline for the anthology.

TE:What comics have you been reading lately?

DR:I am a trade paperback guy because of the limited space in my apartment. Aside from the previously mentioned Wasteland, the regular stuff that I read are Scalped, DMZ, The Walking Dead, Captain America, Ignition City and Daredevil. I also just received Incognito by Brubaker & Phillips and The Life and Times of Savior 28 by DeMatteis & Cavallaro. I'm dying to get into those books!

You can check out Dan's work at Emptyholsters or on Twitter.

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