Friday, April 2, 2010

6 Questions With...J.D. OLIVA

Now here's J.D. Oliva, his story is called Well Beyond Reason, with art by Jesse Kornhardt.

Tiny Electric:Is this your first published work?

J.D. Oliva:Yes, this is my first published work. I've spent most of the past five years developing indie films and short documentaries.

TE:What's the sentence pitch for your story?

JO:An arrogant reporter and an elderly priest must save the life a young child before she killed by a Satanic cult.

TE:Was your story an idea you already had, or did you come up with it in class?

JO:I actually had this idea for a few months before class. The basis of the story was taken from a "Demon" story I wrote for a talent contest. I reshaped it to fit "Charlie Welles," a character from a short film that I made last year. I was already planning on writing a five page story before I enrolled in class. When I found out about Comics Experience with Andy Schmidt, and the five page story we were required to write for the class, it just worked out perfectly.

TE:Do you hope to expand it into something longer?

JO:Absolutely. I would love to do a whole series about Charlie Welles and his ventures into the macabre. I've been writing a lot of Charlie stuff that could go either way as film or comics work. The next few months will kind of shape the route I'll take with him.

TE:Talk about your artist and the look of your story.

JO:Jesse Kornhardt is awesome. I actually got in contact with Jesse a few months before class. I was planning on doing my Charlie Welles comic stuff and I put a Craigslist posting out looking for an artist. Jesse was the only serious person that I talked to and it helped that he has this great, dark sensibility. After I finished the final draft of "Well Beyond Reason" I forwarded it to Jesse and he started work on the story. Jesse has a background in photography and has a very cinematic eye, which works really well with me being an indie filmmaker. He gave our story this ethereal, noir-ish tone that works perfect with the story. Visually speaking, I think our story really stands out. We have a real good understanding of the character and the direction we'd like to take this story in the future. He's my partner on this story for the long haul.

TE:What comics have you been reading lately?

JO:I love superhero stuff, so I've been all about Green Lantern Blackest Night, Batman, Spider-Man, The Avengers titles, Captain America. Andy Schmidt', our beloved mentor's stewardship of the transformers franchise has brought me in but I've become a big fan of Mike Costa's handling of the characters. I'm also a fan of Dirk Manning's Nightmare World, which I think is some of the best horror stuff in comics right now.

Check out J.D's film at Vimeo.

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