Friday, February 26, 2010

The Anthology...What Is It? (and another 'glimmer' sneak peek)

What is this anthology I'm talking about here? Well...

Last October I enrolled in the first online comic writing class ever offered by Comics Experience. The class was fantastic, Andy Schmidt(IDW, Marvel) was the instructor, his easy-going style was great, he was very knowledgeable and easy to learn from. There was also a great group of like-minded writers who made up my virtual classmates. Everyone stayed in contact throughout the weeks, we read and critiqued each others work and (speaking for myself at least) improved as writers overall.

I guess the idea kind of came from Andy when he mentioned how former classes he had taught had gone on to work together putting out comic anthologies. By the time the last class had ended, I think we had already started hatching a plan to put out our own group anthology(why waste time, right?). Keeping in mind that our class ended in November 2009, I think it's pretty amazing that by the end of February 2010 ALL 13 of the people in the class managed to find an artist, and produced the five page script we had written in class. And on top of all that, Andy has also written an introduction to the book(we're almost professionals here!).

I've got a comic coming out...

Here's a look at the rest of page three(again, why half a page? just go with it.)

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